Wayward Ink

Rachel Eady | Khaiya | Comic Art, Illustration, and Design


Rachel Eady:

Passionate about storytelling and game-play experiences, I have used art, comics and prototype scripting as my vehicle to create stories and video games. I love to be challenged to innovate and my goal is to find creative and simple solutions. I am looking for opportunities to learn and grow creatively!

At Disney's Club Penguin I concepted, illustrated, and constructed interactive sets for an ever changing Online World built with Kids in mind. While working there, I worked on monthly game event projects that partnered with brands such as Disney's Frozen, Star Wars, The Muppets, Pixar's Inside Out and Monster's University.

I've created several short form comics from conception to completion to be printed in Crab Tank Ink's Tankadere Anthologies.

I graduated from the Art Institute of Vancouver with a diploma in Animation and Design.


Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Wordpress, Maya, Toonboom, Adobe Premier, Adobe Dreamweaver, Motion Builder

Skill Set:

Illustration, Traditional and Digital Animation, Conceptual Art, Sequential Art/Comics, Game Scripting/Prototyping, Website Building


Contact me about paid Freelance Work at Wayward.Ink@gmail.com or on Twitter @WaywardInk.